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New Sabers Launch

First Ever NEOPIXEL Lightsaber for Heavy Dueling

Introducing the inaugural Neopixel Lightsaber, meticulously engineered for elite-level dueling. Experience unparalleled performance with a design tailored for the most intense battles. The advent of Neopixel technology in the realm of high-stakes dueling is now a reality.

Now APP Controled

Elevate your lightsaber experience with Xeno3, now enhanced with Bluetooth connectivity and app control. Delve into unparalleled customization, fine-tuning every aspect of your lightsaber from motion control and 'flash on clash' to volume adjustments and effects timing. A suite of additional features is on the horizon. Experience the cutting-edge capabilities by downloading the open beta today.


Premium, High-Quality Lightsabers for Dueling and Display

Get your hands on a battle-ready lightsaber for an ultimate experience. Our lightsabers come in different blade sizes, interchangeable colors, multiple custom sounds, and plenty of exciting features.

And, we bring the first-ever NEOPIXEL Lightsaber for heavy dueling.

Lightsabers at Spacesabers are ideal for both displaying and heavy dueling. Buy now!

Range of Spacesabers Lightsabers

Like you, we’re also lightsaber fans. We understand the connection between a blade and its master. With this thought, we bring a collection of lightsabers for different purposes.

Dueling Lightsabers

Are you into heavy dueling? Do you dream of replicating a duel?

If yes, we’ve a huge collection of meticulously-crafted RGB lightsabers to let you have unparalleled experience of intense battles. Equipped with Neopixel technology, these are some of the most reliable blades for heavy dueling.

Neopixel Lightsabers

Replacing the traditional lightsabers, Spacesabers brings Neopixel lightsabers that come with interchangeable colors and custom sound fonts, enabling you to get unique sound and color customization whenever you want.

LGT Lightsabers

Duel-ready, powerful lightsabers that let you connect with your favorite characters while replicating some of the most popular battles! With lots of exciting features, these are affordable blades for users of all pages.

TXQ Lightsabers

Perfect for beginners, our TXQ sabers are affordable blades with tons of exciting features. Whether you want to expand your lightsaber collection or want something for aggressive dueling, these TXQ lightsabers are perfect for you.


Take your lightsaber experience to a whole new level with amazing accessories at Spacesabers. From blade plugs to 1-inch blade and covertec belt clip, we’ve lots of accessories to elevate your experience with your saber.

Buy Your Lightsaber at Spacesabers

Ready to experience the new world lightsabers?

Browse our collection and find blades that suit you. Whether you're a beginner in dueling, a seasoned enthusiast, or someone who wants to add new blades to their collection, we've got a lightsaber for you. Buy now!