Our lightsabers and select accessories come with a one-year guarantee.

IMPORTANT: Before you use your lightsaber for the first time, make sure to review our safety guidelines. Failure to adhere to these instructions may invalidate the warranty.

The warranty extends for a year on both the hilt and its electronic parts. Additionally, we're here to assist with any post-warranty concerns you might have—just reach out to us for support.

Blades fall under our delivery warranty, which covers any issues identified during the initial unboxing. You should examine and test the blade immediately and inform us of any faults. Given the combative use of the blades, we're unable to offer an extended warranty on them. Items provided as complimentary gifts, such as transport cases, SD readers, and others listed as free on our product pages, do not come with a warranty.

Regarding software for Xenopixel and Proffie sabers, ensure you back up the original software folder before making any modifications. We're unable to guarantee software integrity but will endeavor to assist you in sourcing a replacement online. Altering your saber's software is done at your own risk.

For assistance, contact us through our website's chat feature, providing your order details and, if possible, photos or videos to help us understand the issue better. We'll respond promptly.




Our sabers are handcrafted custom pieces. While hilts are machined, each board is manually soldered and programmed by a technician, then meticulously fitted into the saber. Should an issue arise with any component, we'll work with you to identify and replace the necessary part. Instead of returning the saber for repairs, we'll send you the replacement component. In cases where repairs might be too complicated, we'll provide a complete core replacement to simplify reinstallation. We'll guide you through the part exchange process, which typically involves just a few screws and about 10 minutes of your time.

We encourage you to become familiar with these steps and offer our guidance, including support through our YouTube channel. Remember, you're also covered by a 14-day return policy if you're not satisfied for any reason.

We believe in transparency about our warranty and replacement processes, unlike others who may not provide such details. This ensures you fully understand the product and service you're investing in. If you prefer a non-customizable lightsaber with a simpler warranty process, perhaps a Hasbro saber would be more to your liking.