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Mandalorian Neopixel Blade


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While Mandalorians are famed for their weapons and fighting skills, they do not use lightsabers as their chief weapon. Out of all the designs seen in the Mandalorian, the best one is the Mandalorian blade lightsaber. 

Remember the iconic scene in Star Wars: Rebels, Season 4, Episode 1: “Heroes of Mandalore?” It focuses on the Great Purge when the Empire killed many Mandalorian people. 


We watch fighters battling against the Empire, using their unique black lightsabers. The action, especially the lightsaber fight, is styled to be very lethal and clinical, which fits the theme. The fandom has loved these scenes for a long time now. 

To recreate these scenes, SPACESABERS have crafted an exquisite Mandalorian blade. This lightsaber is unique as it tries to capture the essence of the Mandalore. Purchase now and navigate smoothly through the Galaxy far, far away. 

Quality Features Of The Mandalorian Blade Lightsaber


The blade comes with a Neopixel blade. Applicable only with the Darksaber, it’s a faithful companion of a Star Wars fan. 

This blade is designed for compatibility with Xenopixel Mandalorian darksaber. 

The length of the blade is 82.5cm/32.4 inches

Note: As it is a neopixel, it is not suggested to be used for dueling purposes.

Buy Mandalorian Lightsaber At SPACESABERS


The Mandalorian Blade is not your ordinary lightsaber. SPACESABERS have paid attention to detail in crafting this masterpiece of a saber. 

The lightsaber will be freely shipped and comes with a warranty of one complete year. Available at a highly discounted price, don’t miss out on the sale of this exquisite lightsaber. 

Order now and experience the force yourself.

May the Force be With You!

Mandalorian Neopixel Blade

Mandalorian Neopixel Blade